Sharing Real Estate Value
Innovative Club- and Co-Investing solutions for a new generation of property owners and real estate investors.
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Receive liquidity very easily and stay full owner of your property
Unlock a part of your real estate’s value by teaming up with our Club- and Co-Investors.
Just pick what you like
Become a Co-Investor of single properties in markets you really understand. Benefit from a broad diversification by choosing between various investments in real estate value.

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About Us

Real Estate Ownership

Real estate ownership in digital age requires fractional ownership of property rights and possibility to hold such rights in a completely digital form. For long this was not possible. However tokenisation can made solve this. Tokenisation of real estate is the process of representing an ownership interest (even a fractional one) in a real estate with a blockchain-based Security Token.

Security Tokens

Security Tokens can be traded 24/7, with improved efficiency and transparency, and without the need for many intermediaries. In contrast to traditional stocks and shares, investors of Security Tokens can have real ownership of the asset they invested in by storing the security tokens in their own wallets. The use of blockchain technology for tokenizing financial markets removes borders, middlemen, and market closing times.


From now on everybody can invest into single properties directly - even with small shares. Become a partner of property owners who are not only looking for some extra liquidity but who want to team up with like-minded people. Enjoy our communities of a new generation of real estate investors with allied interests, such as neighborhood- and impact investing or sharing bright value add ideas.

How to issue security tokens ?

Step 1

Tokenise the ownership rights through a Luxembourg based special purpose vehicle – simple, regulated, and low cost.

Step 2

Issue Security Tokens on the blockchain and list your offering on the HouseToken marketplace. Each project will have their own Security Tokens.

Step 3

Investors subscribe the Security Tokens completely digital with Euro or cryptocurrencies. Investors hold the security tokens in the crypto wallet. Earn income regularly.


We use Ecommerce on Every popular Platform

Using the worldwide popular platforms helps us to make more sales. More people can see your product.

Our proven process for growing your sales

We try not to use the same techniques for different companies. Our specialists create special strategies for your growth. We deeply analyze the market and then do conclusions.


    • Receive liquidity easily and speedy

      Be connected with the right and like-minded Co-Investors.

    • Stay full owner of your property

      You don’t need to sell your property or parts of it. No need to create a condominium. No agent fees and profit taxes.

    • Create your own digital security

      Receive your own blockchain-secured Real Estate Tokens on private wallet like extra savings for future use.

    • Sharing real estate value with others

      Sharing future rents or exit profits with your Co-Investors.

    • Flexible repayment options or permanent Club- and Co-Investments

      Do you need the liquidity just for a specific time or do you like to keep it permanently? Our various options provide the flexibility you need.

    • Manage your investor relations digitally

      Take advantage of our digital investment platform and communicate with your Co-Investors very easily and digitally.

    • Security and transparency due to our legal professionals and advanced blockchain technology

      For maximum security you are receiving your own legal entity (SPV) in the trustworthy European financially environment of Luxembourg at low costs.

  • Receive liquidity easily and speedy
    • Be connected with the right and like-minded Co-Investors.
  • Issue Security Tokens as per the EU capital market laws
  • Speedy and low cost issuance
  • Manage investor relations completely digital
  • Create a community of co-investors
  • Flexible repayment options

For Investors

  • Invest directly into real estate - even with small shares

    You do not have to rely on a broker or a bank.

  • Participate in properties you really like and enjoy a regular income stream

    Invest in markets you understand and you believe in, e. g. in your neighbourhood and receive your share of the incoming rents as well as extra profits from value-add activities and future income profits.

  • Benefit from a broad diversification

    Choosing between various co-investments and minimize your risk.

  • Investing into real estate – completely free of acquisition costs

    You are not paying any fees to a broker or to a notary, nor transfer taxes.

  • Our Investment Community and innovative digital tools

    Enjoy the direct communication with your Co-Investors. Share and receive knowledge and education from HouseToken as well from our community of a new generation of real estate investors.

  • Very high standards of security and transparency due to advanced blockchain technology

    Receive blockchain-secured Real Estate Tokens on your private wallet.

our clients

We know how to make your business successful

For more than 35 years we have met with different clients and we have never proposed them the same ideas. It is the main reason that the number of satisfied clients is growing.





What we do

Tokenizing Real Estate Value

We are creating digital securities based on the future rental income, smart value-add activities and on the exit profit in case the property will be sold in the upcoming years.

Digital Investment Platform

We are providing a fair, secure and transparent market place to Property Owners and their Co-Investors.

Community, Knowledge and Education

We are offering innovative digital tools for high transparency of the co-investments and to foster communication between all parties involved.

They believe in us

Backed by top tier investors

Here you can see people, who have convinced of our professionalism. They are growing with us and make us better. We are happy to have such great support.


We are helping people to share real estate value – easily and secure.

We are supporting landlords to receive liquidity easily while keeping the ownership of their properties. By offering smart Club- and Co-Investing solutions, everyone can directly invest into real estate value – even with very small shares and a broad diversification. HouseToken is providing an innovative blockchain secured investment platform and building a community for a new generation of real estate investors.

Dr. Christian Simanek

Christian has more than 20 years of experience in the European real estate industry. He is an expert in digitization, impact investing and also a social entrepreneur. He has been Executive Director of UBS Real Estate’s Asset Management team and Head of Leasing Europe for 14 years. Prior to UBS, he has worked in management positions in the real estate investment team of a German insurance company as well as for JLL. Christian is member of MRICS and German RICS dispute resolution professional group. He is holding a doctorate degree in law, a diploma in real estate economy as well as a master degree in mediation.

Tobias Seidl

Tobias is an investment structuring expert and has been working in the investment / legal industry for over ten years. Since 2017 he is involved in developing the best investment experience that an investor can enjoy. Tobias is the Co-Founder and Product Lead at STOKR.

Arnab Naskar

Arnab is a trend spotter and is well connected in the blockchain space. He is responsible for making strategic partnerships. From 2017 he is actively involved in the blockchain and fintech space and is involved in various policy initiatives in Europe. Arnab is the Co-Founder and Business Lead at STOKR.

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